Welcome to the Windyrush Dolphins Swim and Dive Team Management System.

Registration for the 2018 Season Is  Open for All Swimmers/Divers

Swim Team Rep
Jennifer Briggs, Stephanie Mason , and  Teresa Hollmeyer

Dive Team Rep
Page Layne

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This year the system should already have all the necessary information if you registered the previous year. Make sure you read and follow all direction as some things have changed. To avoid unnecessary delays in the registration of you children, please complete all three steps in the process (updating swimmers, paying required fees and signing up for required number of volunteer positions) at the time of registration.

If you are ready to begin the registration process please select from one of the options below:

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The Password reset function is not operational.  If you have forgotten your password or Username please email Support@windyrushdolphins.com.

If you have any questions about a new or an existing registration  please email Support@windyrushdolphins.com.

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Windyrush Dolphins