Job Signup

Please as Read Requirements have Changed.

If you have arrived at this page, you have already set up a Windyrush Dolphins account, added your children to the “My Swimmers” page and paid for your registration fees and are now ready to complete the process by selecting your volunteer positions upcoming season.

The Volunteer requirements for this season are as follows:

One Swimmer – (2) Credits
Two Swimmers – (3) Credits
Three or more swimmers – (4) Credits

*Seahorses do not have a volunteer requirement associated with their participation.
**One (1) credit is equal to one-half or partial meet position.

NOTE: If you have both Swimmers and Divers you must sign up for positions for both groups.  Example: (1)  swimmer and diver mean you will have two credits at both a Swim and a Dive Meet.

Make sure you understand all the Volunteer Requirements. For a complete list of Job Descriptions click here.

Please read the directions thoroughly before beginning. A printable version of the directions can be found by clicking here.

  1. Login to your Windyrush Dolphins account using the Registered User Sign In box on your right. If already logged in skip to step 2.
  2. Click on the Swim Team Management”  link in the sidebar under your account name.
  3. Click on the “Jobs” Tab
  4. Select the Job(s) you wish to sign up for by clicking the radio button located to the left of the appropriate Position Title.
  5. Select “Sign Up” from the “Select Action” drop down box.
  6. Find the meet(s)  you would like to perform the job for, and select your name from the drop down box beside it.
    Jobs Page w_drop down
  7. After all, the desired meets have been selected for a position make sure you click Save” to record your selections.
  8. If you wish to volunteer at multiple positions for another family member repeat Steps 4-7.

The Job Sign-up process is complete. You may confirm you job selection by clicking on the “My Jobs” tab of the Swim Team Management page.

Swimmer/Diver activation reports are processed nightly. Once activated you will receive an email confirming you children’s activation.   If you have not received an email after 48 hours and you have completed all the steps in the process, please open a ticket by emailing

****Failure to fulfill your volunteer responsibility will result in your child/children not participating in the next meet.